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My latest works stretch the boundaries between sculpting and painting. Bas-relief like paintings and installations all tell a fable of their own. The stories derive from the country side, coexistence with nature, slow-paced life far way from the big city.

For me there is no clear separation between sculpture and painting. Paint has a lot of features from subtle thin layers to thick plastic coatings. A sculpture can be reminiscent of a painting and a painting could resemble a bas-relief. At the studio I indulge, make experiments, mix techniques and enjoy the freedom in doing so.

I love puzzling together a piece with the materials I have at hand.


You can make art out of everything, the pieces suddenly will come together.Most of my materials are given to me, found from a ditch or dumpster dived. In a distinctive way they are descriptive of the place they are made at. 

Photo: Lora Dimova
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