marja patrikainen

the mind


Installations in a site specific multidisclipinary show performed in Naissaari, Jyväskylä. 

Director/choreographer: Jukka Tarvainen

Dancers: Elina Häyrynen and Katja Sallinen

Video- and light design: Mateus Manninen

Sound: Lauri Wuolio

In collaboration with Dance Company Off/balance

Photos: Matti Häyrynen

The first installation consisted of 5 indoor plants made out of wood and cardboard, standing in their pots on rotating vinyl players, broken spray painted furniture stacked underneath them as pedestals.

marja patrikainen

Second installation consisted of a fake spruce rotated by a motor, plexi class, six painted plaster rocks and a tarp


Infinity mirror made out of plexi glass, mirror, two way mirror film, led lights, wood


Black Dog, wood, cardboard, polyurethane, paint 



Installation and costume design for a monologue based on Nikolai Gogol's short story, performed in Forum Box, Helsinki

Direction and dramatization: Riikka Kampara

Actor: Tanja Heinänen

Producer: Henrietta Lehtonen

Sound: Shaka Kampara

In collaboration with Theater Company Ursus

Photo: Sami Roikola

Police suit, made out of foam, fabric, artificial hair, chair, metal. Actress sat inside of the suit when she turned into a bad cop, 120x120x90

Photo: Sami Roikola

Radio is made out of foam, painted with spray paint and has a motor inside of it. Remote controlled motor makes the radio move and led lights blink, 50x40x20

Photo: Sami Roikola
Photo: Sami Roikola
Photo: Sami Roikola
Photo: Sami Roikola
Photo: Sami Roikola